Sunday, 9 June 2013

The Hawk Conservancy Trust

I am a big lover of Animals, I've been glued to my TV screen for the last two weeks watching Springwatch so when the boyfriend suggested we go to The Hawk Conservancy I couldn't wait. The best thing about this is that is super local to wear I live, meaning it was only a 15-20 minuet drive.

The Hawk Conservancy Trust is conservation charity that worked in the fields of conservation, education, rehabilitation and the research of birds of prey. The provide a giant array of birds for the public to view as well as putting on several demonstrations with the birds. I learn so much from visiting the center and loved seeing how happy all the birds were.What I thought was great is that the Conservancy also encourage wild birds of prey to visit their site and feed and monitor them too. The Heron in the photo below is completely wild, also there was a wild Red Kite that randomly decided to join a display with some vultures. It was really amazing to see.

Here is a (very pic heavy) selection of some of my favorite photographs from the day:

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