Time for the boring stuff...
All comment made on this blog are my own or the thoughts of my readers. While I want to love everything there may come a time when I can't get on with a product, In these cases the views expressed here may not universally reflect the product. I will not alter my view on a product based on PR. If something changes after reviewing a product I will be sure to update my post accordingly.

 I love my followers and reading your comments about your experiences with different products, I encouraged your interaction and welcome it at anytime! However I do ask that any hurtful or harmful comments are kept to your self, I don't want to read them and neither do my followers.
Site and Content Use
 I have no problem with my work being put on your own website or blog or you pinning me on Pinterest as long as you tell me and give me credit and link back to my blog because I spend time and effort blogging. Please do not remove my watermarks from the images! All material produced by Kerrie Black under the website Ker-Bear Kronicles is protected by The Copyright Act. 
Use of Other People's Work
All images used are my own unless otherwise stated. I do tend to use Google images/ stock images and Pinterest for a lot of my image sourcing eg: nail art ideas. I will acknowledge any photos used and will provide links where I can. If you do not wish for your images to appear on this site please contact me and the images will be removed right away.
I do (and would love to) accept samples and advertising from companies about new or current products and releases. All my reviews will remain completely honest. If you are a company and would like to contact me you can do so a kerbear_kronicles@hotmail.com please quote 'PR' in the subject header. All product reviews will have a disclaimer letting my reader know these were sent for review purposes. Everything I say will be honest at the time of writing my post and if anything changes I will be sure to update my blog posts accordingly.

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