Sunday, 1 December 2013

Burts Bees Heritage Collection Part Two

Today I have the second part of the Burts Bees Heritage collection to show you. Lets Kick off with the Hand Salve.

The Burts Bees Hand Salve is a very thick waxy product that I have used as an overnight treatment. I have read that this is meant to be super for very cracked hands. As a beauty blogger I try to keep my hands in a semi-decent condition anyway so can't comment on how well it works for that. This product smells really nice, like mixed herbs and isn't too sickly sweet.  Also did I mention this tin is massive- at 85g it will keep you going for a while!It left my hands feeling super soft! The only thing that annoys me about this product is the fact it is a 'pop-off lid' instead of a screw cap, a minor thing but I broke a nail opening it (owch!)

The Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream is a big blogging hit and was one of the main reasons I chose this Burts Bees set to review. I have always used Lush's Lemony Flutter but I think this one might just edge over the line to win. The scent of both while lemony is not as strong as the Lush one. I also love the little tin, it makes it perfect to carry around in your bag while you are on the go. In the cold this product has been a life saver at keeping my cuticles hydrated. This is an instant repurchase product for me.

Lastly you have the Burts Bees Beeswax Lip Balm, I already own quite a few of these lip balms so I knew exactly what to expect. It's a little waxy but then again it uses beeswax what do you expect!  I tend to use this before my makeup routine and is really good before applying a matte lipstick as it stops the lips drying out and flaking. Personally I like the balms in little bullet containers as I don't like using my fingers, but that is just personal preference and I suppose you can counter that easily with a lip brush. 

In all I have to say I am really happy with this set, the products are all really good and of a really high quality.  There are some products in this set which have instantly become part of my beauty routine!

I am really impressed with this set so far and will have the rest of the products for you later in part two. You can buy this set along with lots of other bits from Chemists Direct.

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Berts Bees Hertiage Collection Part One

When I was asked to review this Burts Bees set I was so excited. This is a brand that I love and have spent quite a lot of money in the past on for both myself and as gifts for family and friends. Burts Bees is also a brand that beauty bloggers rave about.

According to Burts Bees: "Our Heritage Collection is a bundle of our classic products that have become bestsellers over the years".

Of course all their products are organic and 100% natural which is fantastic too!

The Heritage collection comes in a very nice and sturdy cardboard box and looks really quite impressive. I had to practically steal it back from my Mother In Law.

Inside you can see that all the products are arranged really nicely. So what do you get I hear you ask?

•Beeswax Lip Balm (tin)
•Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream
•Hand Salve
•Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Creme
•Peppermint Foot Lotion
•Coconut Foot Creme (mini) 

Because of all the amazingness this box contains I've split my review into two parts.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the box the smell of peppermint that has infused into it. This was from the Foot Lotion.

 You get a 100ml tube which I thought was very generous (although all the products this set are large and would last for a long time even with continual use). As I said the smell of peppermint is pretty intense but I like strong smelling products. I think that is smelt quite refreshing and perfect for the colder weather. The lotion soaks in quickly and doesn't leave your feet feeling greasy. I find that a little goes a long way with this product and you really don't need to use too much!  This is  just a great pamper product!

I already own the Banana hand cream so was excited to see the Almond and Milk version in this set. This cream is very thick and rich. I find it can be a bit oily and greasy (from the Beeswax) for use in the day but I slather some of this one before bed to give my hands an extra boost of moisture. When I wake up my hands are lovely and soft!

Finally, the Coconut Foot Cream. The scent of coconut is really yummy, this stuff really does smell good enough to eat. I find this one is a bit more hydrating than the Peppermint version and feels really nourishing. Again I apply this product in the evening before going to bed to allow it to soak in completely.

I am really impressed with this set so far and will have the rest of the products for you later in part two. You can buy this set along with lots of other bits from Chemists Direct.


Monday, 17 June 2013

Game Review: Yosumin!

Yosumin! is a game that I bet you haven’t heard of before, and with good reason. Developed by Square Enix, Yosumin! originated as a web-based game that was only available in Japan in 2006. A year later, enhanced and updated the smash-hit was released for the Nintendo DS, yet once again only for a Japanese audience. None the less after four years of constant tinkering and updates Square Enix has finally released its game for the wider gaming market, where it can be purchased on the Xbox Live market and for the PC through Steam’s Online Store.

So what is Yosumin! and what makes it so special? The only I can describe it as the lovechild of Tetris and Bejewelled but with its own unique twist It is like a more refined copy of Candy Crush. The object of the game is simple, in each level you are given a number of target objectives to complete before the time runs out. All you have to do is simply find four same-coloured Yosumin (the cute smiling game pieces) in a 9x9 gameboard to make the four corners of a rectangle. You may only use four pieces to create a small square while other times you may have to use all the other colourful multifaceted game board. It is a game that invites the player to look not only at the over-all picture but also the finer detail simultaneously.

This is your game space. See that here the square is made from the yellow diamonds that are in each corner
 Sounds easy? I blitzed through the first few levels like it was child’s play only taking seconds to complete the objectives. And then I hit every gamer’s nightmare- the wall. Some levels would take me half an hour to complete; this defiantly one of those games that is alternately fun one moment then frustrating the next. The makers state that game gives you at least ten hours of gameplay and I don’t doubt it- this is because there are literally hundreds of levels to play!
There is no plot to this game which may for some people seem a little disappointing but for me the cute Japanese characters, bright colours and fun upbeat music made up for it. And its simplistic form which can seem a little off putting is deceptive of the challenging and innovated gameplay.

  The only real downside for me is the omission of a save button. Only when you have completed a set of five levels is your progress saved, whereas in my opinion the ability to save after completing individual levels is needed. As a game created for the causal game, most players will only play in for limited bursts it can be infuriating to come back to the game to see you must complete levels again in order to advance. 
Yet, as much as Yosumin! Is never going to become a pivotal benchmark in puzzle gaming history, it’s cheerful and fun gameplay is sure to bring delight to anyone that plays it, and boy, is game addictive. Prepare to loose countless hours to these delightfully fun little characters. And for not much more than two pounds, what more can you really ask for?

Sunday, 9 June 2013

The Hawk Conservancy Trust

I am a big lover of Animals, I've been glued to my TV screen for the last two weeks watching Springwatch so when the boyfriend suggested we go to The Hawk Conservancy I couldn't wait. The best thing about this is that is super local to wear I live, meaning it was only a 15-20 minuet drive.

The Hawk Conservancy Trust is conservation charity that worked in the fields of conservation, education, rehabilitation and the research of birds of prey. The provide a giant array of birds for the public to view as well as putting on several demonstrations with the birds. I learn so much from visiting the center and loved seeing how happy all the birds were.What I thought was great is that the Conservancy also encourage wild birds of prey to visit their site and feed and monitor them too. The Heron in the photo below is completely wild, also there was a wild Red Kite that randomly decided to join a display with some vultures. It was really amazing to see.

Here is a (very pic heavy) selection of some of my favorite photographs from the day:

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Doctor Who Now??

When Matt Smith first stepped into the Tardis I was a bit skeptical to say the least, I mean he had some pretty big shoes to fill after the demi-god that is David Tennat. But Matt really made the role his own. What I loved was despite being so young he was able to encapsulate the age of The Doctor perfectly.

 So when the news broke that Matt was going to leaving the show I was like:

So I've put together my top picks for the next Doctor (lets ignore for a moment the fact that there are only suppose to be 12 regenerations shall we, as we know that Moffett will get around that somehow).

 I'm also pretty firm that a female Doctor Who just wouldn't work. I'm all for empowerment and while I'm sure it would give a new dynamic to the show I just don't think it would sit right. So all my picks are male:

Rupert Grint
We totally need a ginger Doctor next. If they want to say with the young factor then Rupert is a good option. Yes he is a household name but he hasn't done much since Harry Potter. Plus he was the best actor out of the trio to begin with. 

Ben Whishaw
After playing Q in the Bond films we have to think if he would be around enough to play The Doctor but he totally has the sexy-geek thing going on that Matt Smith had.

Richard Ayoade
If Thornton Reed (if you haven't already seen Dark Place go see it now, although most of you will know Richard from The IT Crowd) I would die. Again he totally has the geek factor but I think Richard could step up well to the role.

Alan Davies
I think it would be great to go with an older Doctor again. Alan has that retro Doctor vibe that would work so well.

Rik Mayall
It might be a bit out there but it could work.

Do you think any of these are possible? Who do you think will be the next Doctor Who?

Saturday, 1 June 2013

A Bit of Photography: It's Springtime

For once we have sun so it was time to go for a walk, to pass the time before MR Bear got back from work. I took my camera as I haven't really used it for any photos that aren't my nails and I am determined to start taking photos of other stuff too. I was lucky to see some Ducklings  and Canada Geese. They are so cute!! I don't think any other words are needed!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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