Sunday, 2 June 2013

Doctor Who Now??

When Matt Smith first stepped into the Tardis I was a bit skeptical to say the least, I mean he had some pretty big shoes to fill after the demi-god that is David Tennat. But Matt really made the role his own. What I loved was despite being so young he was able to encapsulate the age of The Doctor perfectly.

 So when the news broke that Matt was going to leaving the show I was like:

So I've put together my top picks for the next Doctor (lets ignore for a moment the fact that there are only suppose to be 12 regenerations shall we, as we know that Moffett will get around that somehow).

 I'm also pretty firm that a female Doctor Who just wouldn't work. I'm all for empowerment and while I'm sure it would give a new dynamic to the show I just don't think it would sit right. So all my picks are male:

Rupert Grint
We totally need a ginger Doctor next. If they want to say with the young factor then Rupert is a good option. Yes he is a household name but he hasn't done much since Harry Potter. Plus he was the best actor out of the trio to begin with. 

Ben Whishaw
After playing Q in the Bond films we have to think if he would be around enough to play The Doctor but he totally has the sexy-geek thing going on that Matt Smith had.

Richard Ayoade
If Thornton Reed (if you haven't already seen Dark Place go see it now, although most of you will know Richard from The IT Crowd) I would die. Again he totally has the geek factor but I think Richard could step up well to the role.

Alan Davies
I think it would be great to go with an older Doctor again. Alan has that retro Doctor vibe that would work so well.

Rik Mayall
It might be a bit out there but it could work.

Do you think any of these are possible? Who do you think will be the next Doctor Who?


  1. none of those work for me - i think they need an actor in his 30s tho xx

    1. I would like to see an older Doctor again. I suppose it will be likely to be someone unknown really. :S

  2. I haven't given it much thought. Matt Smith still hadn't grown on me, so really I'm good with any as long add it is David Tennant again :)

  3. Matt's been my favorite, I will miss him - but I do like the look of that Ben guy you put in here. that said, I have a huge crush on Paul Bettany and I think they should make him the next Doctor. I think it would be neat to see someone more serious be in the role but still be able to add a fun vibe to it.


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